Peter's Place is both a wonderful place for children and a rewarding place to work. The remarkable tenure of our teachers is due to the importance placed on a collaborative work environment and the value of continued professional growth. All of the Peter's Place teachers have extensive education and training in early childhood education and are encouraged to expand their knowledge through on-going professional development that is funded by the school. Working as a team, the Program Director and teachers meet weekly to discuss how to support the children in our program and plan the individualized curriculum that defines Peter's Place. Each person's voice is heard and respected. The innovation and creativity that comes from this collaborative approach creates a rich, dynamic setting for children and a work environment where the teachers are inspired by one another and continue to grow and learn together and individually.


Noelle Rich

Program Director- 26 years teaching and directing

Noelle holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Georgetown University and has a Multiple Subject Elementary Credential with an emphasis on Early Childhood Education and a Site Supervisor Permit in Early Childhood Education. Noelle's two children attended Peter's Place starting in 1995. Prior to becoming a Peter's Place teacher, she was a member of the Peter's Place Board of Directors. Noelle began as director in 2016.

Christina Antipa

Business Manager - 11 years administering a small business

Christina holds a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcasting from San Francisco State University.  Prior to becoming a full-time mother, Christina worked in the healthcare industry.  Christina's two daughters attended Peter's Place starting in 2004. She began her work as an administrator for the program in 2007.  She is a proud supporter of public schools in San Francisco as both a parent and an advocate for public education.


Eileen Louie

Teacher - 35 years teaching and directing 

Eileen holds a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education from Hayward State University, a Special Education Credential for Infants and Toddlers from San Francisco State University and a Site Supervisor Permit in Early Childhood Education. She began teaching at Peter’s Place in 1982, and her two children attended starting in 1985. Eileen became the Director of the program in 2000. After retiring from directing in 2011, she continues as a classroom teacher.





Linda Moody

Teacher - 23 years teaching and directing

Linda holds a Master of Science in Education from San Francisco State University and a Multiple Subject Credential and Site Supervisor Permit in Early Childhood Education. Her Bachelor of Arts is in Philosophy from Miami University of Ohio. She has worked at Peter's Place since 1999 and is also a professional musician. Linda was the director at Peter's Place from 2012-16.



Samantha Grey

Teacher - 26 years teaching

Samantha holds a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education from Boston University and has a Multiple Subject Credential. From 1996 to 2001, Samantha was a Peter’s Place teacher. She rejoined the program in 2009 after working in a number of play-based and parent co-op preschools in the Bay Area. 


Helena Brogren-Tierney

Teacher - 21 years teaching

Helena has completed course work in Early Childhood Education at San Francisco State University and City College of San Francisco and holds a Teacher Permit in Early Childhood Education. From 1999-2003, Helena taught at Peter's Place. She left the program to have her two sons and soon joined the teaching staff at The Scandinavian School in San Francisco, a language emergent preschool where she taught from 2006-2013. During her time at the Scandinavian School, she served as the Cultural Director of the school, helped develop the pre-kindergarten program and taught preschool Swedish classes. She rejoined the team at Peter's Place in 2013. 


Rose Coffield

Teacher - 13 years teaching

Rose holds a MA  in Early Childhood Education from New York University and received her BA in Psychology and Women’s Studies from UC Santa Cruz. She also holds a New York State teaching credential in Early Childhood as well as a California Director’s Permit. She has given presentations at several Early Childhood conferences and schools on the East Coast. She began her teaching career in New York City at a play-based Nursery school and is excited to have found a similar program at Peter’s Place. 






Neil Eligado

Teacher - 11 years teaching

Neil holds a BS in Psychology from UC Davis and a Master's degree in Special Education from SF State.  He has been working with     children in the Bay Area since 2007. 2017 marks his first year at Peter’s Place.